Saturday, November 27, 2010

Need some help

Wednesday, one of my sons' cat was hit by a car. We found Shim Sham laying in my studio. Shim Sham the cat was in bad shape. 
My sons got him to a Vet 1st thing Thursday for X-rays to find his hip was  shattered. We had a choice of amputation, surgery or to be euthanized.
My sons chose surgery but it's very expensive. 
To help them pay for it I have put some small paintings up for sale at reduced prices. These paintings make great Christmas presents or just something you may want to hang on your own wall.
Shipping and tax is included in the Continental USA and will come by USPS. For other countries please contact me at
Thanks my friends,

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Joni said...

I bought 9 palms last night!Excited to own a Joe Lacorte original!