Friday, March 02, 2012

Last night was 1st Thursday in Santa Barbara. To an artist it's a magical night no matter if you paint, dance, sing or play music, it's all local art.

My evening started at the Faulkner gallery to see the Southern Californian Artists Painting for the Environment's (SCAPE) reception with a portion of sales going to Surfrider Foundation. The show is there all month so come on & experience our environment in paintings.

On my way to the next venue I stop at the Waterhouse Gallery to see the "Small Gems" show, all 8X8" paintings, Just beautiful work there. if you're in Santa Barbara stop in, they're located in La Arcadia on State street

Then off to the Mayor's Office to see "Art in the Mayor's Office Exhibit". This quarter we are exhibiting Santa Barbara Printmakers offering of Limited Editions, conceived to raise funds for the Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative and now on it's own tour.

Walking back towards the beginning of my evening there is music coming from everywhere, the patio in front of Marshall's store, and several cafes & restaurants. As I past the Santa Barbara Museum of Art there is more music. 

I go around the corner now to see Lockwood DeForest's paintings at Arts & Letters Cafe, a part of Sullivan Goss Gallery, I feel blessed to see this man's work. If you're a plein air painting enthusiast then google his name. Also there was Leon Dabo's drawings, just warms my heart to be able to see all this.

It only took 2 hours of looking at art to end my painting block. So it's off  to my man cave to get dirty. 

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